Bohemian Industrial Bridal Shoot



Inspiring Dichotomy



Coupling conflicting design elements to create an overall theme of beautiful dichotomy is exactly what the shoot with Stefanie Haviv  was all about.  The theme was Bohemian-Industrial and featured fall-inspired colors with flowing floral arrangements by Jimmy Blooms ,  lovely sets of mixed china curated by The Whimsical Rose, kimonos by Beautiful Idiot Clothing and gorgeous sweets and treats by Amelie’s French Bakery.  The effect of the mixture of soft elements of the shoot all set in an industrial warehouse was nothing short of magical. The infusion of delicate and hard, masculine and feminine provided a delightful prospective into wedding design.

Production Plans
Elements of Photoshoot
The Beauty is in the Detail: China by The Whimsical Rose | Flowers by Jimmy Blooms | Sweet Treats by Amelie’s French Bakery

Getting Ready

This shoot was different for me as usually I have the models completely made-up before the shooting begins, but Stefanie’s idea for the production of this shoot was to show a wedding party getting ready for the Big Day from the beginning to the end.  I have done plenty of “getting ready” photos, but usually this means that most of the work is done and all the “getting ready” shot shows the application of final touches such as lips or mascara. I loved the idea of showing people in their natural skin, sans makeup and showing their innate features.


No Makeup
The Natural State
getting ready collage
Getting Ready is the Fun Part!

The Look

The inspiration for the make-up and hair was Marie Antoinette meets rock and roll. For the bridesmen, I applied all-over foundation with some highlight and contour to bring out their features but still keep a natural look. For the bride and bridesmaids, I pulled color inspiration from the floral arrangements using deep purples, browns and a mixture of peach for the eyes  paired with a dark lip.

Wedding Makeup Application
Smoky Eyes, Deep Hues




Bridal Makeup
Those Eyes



Pulling It All Together

This shoot was a day full of laughter and good times. It was fun to see all the opposing elements come together and see Stefanie’s vision come to life. One of the most beautiful things in life is seeing the unexpected exceed all expectations. This type of unexpected beauty can be seen in every detail of the shoot.

Final Look for Bridal Party
Naturally Dapper
Final Look Collage
Ever the Hopeless Romantic with a Smoky Eye and a Stand-Out Lip
Final Look
Ready for “I Do”




 Hair + Makeup: Lovely by Patrice | Photography: Stefanie Haviv | China: The Whimsical Rose 

Wardrobe: Beautiful Idiot Clothing | Flowers: Jimmy Blooms | Food: Amelie’s French Bakery